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Mackay HealthPathways Showcased at the Integrated Mackay HealthPathways Forum

Ms Clare Douglas, Mackay Hospital and Health Service CE, opened the Quarterly Integrated Mackay HealthPathways Forum announcing that the HealthPathways program is now live and accessible on all desktops across the region with access to 60 localised pathways. Facilitated by Mackay HealthPathways GP Clinical Editor, Dr Aaron Kennedy, the forum was attended by 45 participants from primary and secondary care.  The evening showcased three specialties - general surgery, sexual health and mental health with clinical case studies and a Q&A panel.  The case studies demonstrated how the newly localised pathways can be used in general practice. 

Discussion among participants showed that there was little consensus on the managing and assessing of some conditions. Dr Aaron Kennedy then demonstrated how HealthPathways removes the guesswork and, by using the pathways, general practitioners can provide patients with the most appropriate care and avoid requesting unnecessary tests, thus decreasing health costs.The evening concluded with an overview from Toni Simmons, Mackay HealthPathways Coordinator, of the program's progress:

  • The team has localised 60 live pathways with 67 in progress. 
  • To date 57 health professionals across the region have been involved in pathway localisation
  • Over 80 hits of feedback have been received via the administration system, with GPs being the largest group

Participants were offered an opportunity to subscribe to the new Mackay HealthPathways Newsletter which will keep them up to date and involved in the localisation process.  The importance of providing feedback within the system was also emphasised:

“Mackay HealthPathways is a system designed for our region, by our region and to ensure that the content remains relevant we must all be working together by using the send feedback button.” 

The evening received very positive feedback, such as “case studies are good” and “well done, extremely informative, need more of these informative nights”.

 The First Integrated Mackay HealthPathways Forum

The first quarterly Integrated Mackay HealthPathways Forum was held on Wednesday, 11th March 2015 at the new Mackay Base Hospital Education and Research Centre with 26 participants across primary and secondary care. The Integrated Mackay HealthPathways Forums aim to increase collaboration between GPs and Specialists and identify strategies to improve the patient journey / experience. TMML and MHHS will also be delivering a series of collaborative Integrated Health and Medical Education Events to be held on the first Wednesday of every month.

Dr Aaron Kennedy (GP and Mackay HealthPathways GP Clinical Editor) and Toni Simmons (Mackay HealtPathways Coordinator) presented Mackay HealthPathways - what it is, how we are doing it and the progress made to date. A facilitated conversation was held after the presentation to explore ways to improve the patient journey and integrated care in the Mackay region. At the close of the forum key strategies to improve the patient journey and crucial pathways for localisation were identified by the participants.

The 26 participants highlighted a number of ideas / strategies to assist in improving the patient’s experience. Progress on these strategies will be updated at the next forum to be held on Wednesday 10 June 2015. Six local GPs have also registered their interest in assisting with pathway localisation and Clinical Editing. For further information relating to the Integrated Health and Medical Education Sessions or the Integrated HealthPathways Forums please contact   




Introduction to Mackay HealthPathways

An introduction to Mackay HealthPathways was held during the week of 4th November 2014, with events and displays held at the Mackay Hospital and Health Service including a combined public - private sector event at the Ocean International on the 5th November. Guest speakers included Juanita Gibson, HealthPathways Manager Australasia and Andy Froggatt, TMML General Manager Integration and Health Reform. The enthusiasm and positive feedback from the 117 participants who attended this event was an excellent result for the program coordinators, the Mackay Hospital and Health Service and their partners Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local.

Participant Feedback

"Session increased knowledge of HealthPathways and how providers can get involved with Pathways"

"Excellent presentation of HealthPathways by Andy & Juanita!"

"Very useful for CTG referral pathways" "Great, innovative system to assist all healthcare system people and patients"